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DTST is my IMMEDIATE breakout alert. [Huge growth and a chart you can’t miss]

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With huge revenue growth and profitability, DTST could now rise by a mouth watering 654%.

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There’s no time to waste. Today’s pick will go down in history as my BIGGEST ALERT of 2019.


Because this stock has it all: catalysts, a small float, big-time clients, a proven track record, year-over-year growth in revenue AND profitability, and much more.

This stock’s small float is also a huge contributing factor to why we could see monstrous triple-digit gains today.

In fact, the stock could rise by up to 654%…

Yes, you read that right and there is absolutely no time to waste. So let’s dive right in…

While everyone is talking about the trade war and how it could affect the overall economy, there exists one thing that countries are preparing for and it is happening right under our noses… cyberwarfare.

With more than 57% of the global population has access to the internet, according to Statista, and that means everyone is connected at all times. 

Although the internet has made everyone’s lives a little bit easier, there are some growing concerns over “hacktivists” who cause damage and may even invade online users’ privacy.

With that said, governments and companies will look to beef up cybersecurity in order to prevent the attacks.

For example, the U.S. government is projected to spend $17.43B on cybersecurity in 2020 alone. Not only that, but the Federal Government Information Technology expenditure in the U.S. in 2020 is forecast to reach $51B.

According to Orbis Research, the Data Recovery Service market is expected to reach more than $5.5B by 2025. However, that is just a projection, but if there is a massive data wipeout, then companies will need to recover user data — increasing spending on data recovery.

Now, there is one company out there that provides data recovery and business continuity services that will directly help when there are cyber-attacks.

Data Storage Corporation allows companies, governments, education and healthcare industries to minimize downtime and recover and restore data efficiently. 

With the threat of cyberwarfare, it would not be surprising to see companies and governments to look to Data Storage Corporation for its services. In turn, this would increase the company’s revenue and earnings at an exponential rate, which should directly translate to its stock price.

Data Storage Corp. 


Data Storage Corp. (OTC: DTST): Based out of New York State, Data Storage offers enterprise solutions in the areas of IaaS hosting, cloud storage, disaster recovery, and IT management.

DTST has been a leader in the space for several years now, gaining recognition in the sector for forward-looking solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

So it should be no surprise that DTST has seen a monstrous 122% INCREASE in Revenues since 2015 with year-over-year growth!  See below…

As you can see from the image above, it goes without saying 2018 has been a BANNER &RECORD-BREAKING YEAR for DTST!

With over $8.8M in the bag for 2018, this company has now earned its place among the leaders of their industry.

What investors find impressive about DTST, is its broad reach. For example, the firm provides infrastructure as a service for not just IBM Power Systems, but also for Cisco, Vmware, AIX, Linux users, and more. 

Data Storage’s tech partners include a who’s who of industry titans… 

Wrap your head around that for one second… some of the world’s LARGEST tech companies are reliant on this often overlooked and undervalued company and despite all its success to date, DTST remains a well-kept secret on Wall Street… 

What about the future?

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence and virtual reality are going to play significant roles in our daily lives. And while it may not be mainstream yet, DTST is already putting pieces to work. 

The firm’s Nexxis Division primarily focuses on voice and data. And according to the firm, it’s leading the way in advanced voice and data services. 

DTST appear to be thrilled with all of the company’s recent progress:

And based on the chart action, traders are warming up to the stock too. 

Stock Chart: DTST Is Positioned For Another Massive Breakout!

To say DTST has a History of Rallies is the understatement of the century! As we highlighted above, this stock is our absolute Biggest Winner EVER…period.

And now it appears it may be poised for another run towards key resistance levels…

As you can see from the chart above, DTST slowly descended back to support levels in August and September before staging a solid reversal off lows –testing the critical 50 Day Moving Average (blue line) last week.

Unfortunately, DTST was rejected today from a Breakout –but with this New Bullish Trend in tact + our RSI and MACD Indicators representing major Bullish Divergence –could a full-on BREAKOUT be imminent?

Let’s zoom out a bit on the chart….


As you can see, DTST’s support goes back a long way and it’s now trading at the very same levels our first two RECORD BREAKING Alerts were before they rallied!

And on our side is respected analysis site,, who currently gives DTST a “BUY” Rating with a “STRONG BUY” Technical Rating!  See below…


A return to 2018 Highs of 1.00 would generate over 654% GAINS!!

But what could spark a massive life-changing run like that? Catalysts… and DTST has plenty!

Notable Catalysts

Major European Toy Retailer Selects Data Storage Corporation’s IaaS Solution

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —Data Storage Corporation (DTST), a provider of cloud and business continuity solutions, announced today it has signed an exclusive agreement with one of the largest European toy retailers to provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), data replication and monitoring solutions. The retailer selected Data Storage Corporation based on its expertise in data management, replication and protection in the IBM i environment.

“We are delighted to have gained the confidence of this major European retailer to supply our enterprise-level cloud solutions globally for the customer’s IBM i system requirements,” stated Chuck Piluso, CEO of Data Storage Corporation. “We look forward to a long and productive working relationship in helping this premier retailer to manage, replicate, store, monitor and protect its vital data for many years to come. We expect this high-margin, recurring revenue contract will expand over time, as we increase our footprint within the organization.”

As part of its partner program, Data Storage Corporation has supplied the new customer with IaaS for their production system in one of their U.S.-based data centers. The Company has also provided High Availability (HA) replication licensing from Vision/Syncsort, as well as HA replication, monitoring and management. The solution guarantees uptime of 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, Data Storage Corporation is guiding the customer’s communications, including new network access.

Bottom Line: This is my BIGGEST ALERT of the year for a reason!

DTST operates in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. 

The firm is partnered with some of the largest tech giants in the space. It offers a wide array of solutions that are essential for companies in the digital age to have. 

And best of all, shares of the stock are dirt cheap—at least for now. How often do you see a company with so many positive catalysts priced at these levels?

There’s absolutely NO REASON, in my mind, that DTST should be trading at these levels…and expert industry analysts are in agreement with me!

In fact, look at the clients they serve. Huge multi-national corporations like Vmware, IBM, Dell, etc. and you can quickly see that Wall Street is not paying DTST the attention it deserves…

… and that’s good news for YOU because this means you can get in at greatly discounted prices and profit by up to 654%, at least for now.

For your due diligence, visit here:

Good Trading,




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